Bored in class or at a meeting?

Compulsion to draw butts?

Fascination with phallic symbols?

Looking for an outlet for your not-so-secret psychosexual fixations?
You’ve found home.

Doodle Wasteland serves as a place for angst-ridden, demented, disturbed, wholly-loony minds to break free! You no longer have to hide your illustrated scheme to assassinate that annoying guy down the hall. Scared people will find that notebook filled with drawings of breasts? Well those prolific breast illustrations have a place here! Completely enamored with your Classics professor and want a place to display those 200 completely non-stalkerish, non-creepy portraits of him drawn in your notebook? Well this is the place for you.
In other words, we’re a online gallery place for artists and non-artists alike…all you need is a sense of humor, some pens, and some time to kill with doodling automatism. So submit and share your hopelessly twisted mind with the rest of us, will ya?

Submit to: yvetteyoung@ucla.edu as an attachment. GO WILD!


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